Hank Williams Jr. Offers $6,000 To Find His Grandfather’s Shotgun

    Hank Williams

    Hank Williams Jr. is looking for his grandfather’s Remington Model 11/48 16 gauge shotgun that is most likely somewhere in Alabama, and he’s willing to pay $6,000 to the finder, no questions asked. Williams explains that he spent a lot of time with Grandpa Sheppard when he was growing up and would like to pass the old Remington down to his children. The serial number of the missing gun ends in 58111.

    The Remington 11/48 is a semiautomatic shotgun, this one is obviously chambered in 16 gauge, with marker’s markings and a serial number that can be found on the left side of the receiver.

    There appears to be only one Remington 11-48 16 gauge shotgun on Gunbroker at the time of this writing (title image credit to Gunbroker/Buckhillfirearms) and is located in Pennsylvania. Although the serial number is faint, it doesn’t appear to match Hank Williams Jr. heirloom. But feel free to bid anyway, I’m sure Buckhillfirearms would appreciate it. (They actually have some nice firearms up for sale.)

    Hank Williams Jr. will give you $6,000 to find his grandpa’s shotgun, possibly missing in Alabama


    Hank Williams Jr. is offering a $6,000 reward to whoever can find his grandfather’s missing shotgun — a $1,000 increase since the offer was made.The country singer is hoping to hand down the old Remington 11/48 16-gauge shotgun to his children and grandchildren, and believes the gun may be in Alabama, specifically near Cullman.

    “I believe it’s in this area, and I’m willing to give the person who has it fifty $100 dollar bills [sic], no questions asked, no chance of criminal prosecution,” Williams wrote in a letter addressed to “my Cullman friends” and posted by his attorney, Steven C. Smith, on Facebook.

    “The money is still there plus a $1000 finders fee to whoever can put me in touch with the gun,” Smith wrote in a Facebook post attached to the letter. “There is no suggestion that the shotgun was ever stolen and NO RISK of any follow-up after a successful recovery. It was probably lost when Hank moved from Cullman to Paris [Tennessee]–possibly from his cabin on Smith Lake.If the finder would prefer a gun or guitar I’m sure that can be arranged with a proper certificate of authenticity. My email is [email protected] and my phone numbers are on the flyer.


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