McMillan McCubed (MC3) Stocks Now Shipping


    Back in August 2018, TFB reported that the McMillan McCubed (MC3) stocks became available for preorder. A couple of days ago, the company announced that these stocks are now shipping. The stocks are available in two versions called The Legend, which is the tactical MC3 stock line, and The Tradition – the hunting MC3 stocks.

    McCubed stocks are the more affordable entry-level versions of the McMillan stocks. Particularly, the MC3 Legend is patterned after the McMillan A-5 tactical stock and the MC3 Tradition is similar to the McMillan Game Scout stock.

    The hunting line of MC3 stocks currently includes two stocks called The Tradition Standard BDL and The Tradition Deluxe BDL Black Carbon Fiber. The former is made of a proprietary polymer and the latter is constructed with the addition of carbon fiber. Both stocks are designed for long or short action Remington 700 BDL barreled actions. The MSRP for the Standard BDL is $269 and the BDL Black Carbon Fiber will cost you $319.

    A Remington 700 rifle in Tradition Standard BDL stock

    The Tradition Deluxe BDL Black Carbon Fiber stock

    The tactical line of MC3 stocks is designed for Remington 700 BDL and DBM (magazine fed) short or long barreled actions. Each of these options is also available in Standard, Deluxe and Deluxe Plus Black Carbon Fiber configurations. The Standard Legend stocks are the basic ones with non-adjustable combs. The Deluxe versions feature adjustable cheek rests and the Deluxe Plus Black Carbon Fiber stocks are similar to the Deluxe line except they are made of “carbon fiber filled polymer which makes the stock stiffer, lighter in weight and more rigid“. The prices for MC3 Legend stocks vary from $289 to $489 depending on the choice of stock style and material.

    The Legend Standard BDL stock

    The Legend Deluxe BDM stock in Olive color option

    Earlier, McMillan had published a video explaining the key features of these stocks. In that video (see below) they mentioned that the polymer material they use is called Xenolite. According to the company, this material has never been used in rifle stocks before. The new material in conjunction with a proprietary molding process allows them to make a completely solid stock (no cavities in stock and forearm areas) that is stiff, robust and lightweight.

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