POTD: Afghan Special Police – Crisis Response Unit 222

    Today we present a great photo in all its simplicity.

    The CRU 222 is one of three Afghan Special Police Units dedicated to the immediate police response.

    Their job is to hunt down terrorists in Kabul, Afghanistan. Their base is located at the old Camp Gibson, outside Kabul.

    According to this source, another three CRU-like units are going to be added as part of the Afghan 2020 Roadmap to enhance security around Afghanistan.

    The unit has a lot of advisors from NATO forces.

    The photo is taken in 2018 by Torbjørn Kjosvold, Norwegian Defense, with the caption:


    The TFB Team had some guesses and discussions about which kind of firearm the soldier is carrying. One guess was for the H&K 417, due to the short magazine. But would one put an Aimpoint on a 417? I would guess no.

    The correct guess is probably an LMT MRP CQB. The upper looks monolithic, which narrows it down.

    You can find more information and see pictures of the LMT here. Do you agree or have another guess? Let us know below if you agree or disagree.