Pump Action Revolving Shotgun Design From Brazil

    Here is an interesting design which has been seized by authorities on a number of occasions in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, first documented in August 2017. It is an eight-shot pump-actuated revolving shotgun chambered in 12 gauge and represents the cutting edge in Favela Firepower.


    An example seized along with a homemade .380 submachine gun in June 2018 in Serra, Espirito Santo.

    Along with other homemade firearms, they appear to have been produced in an illicit workshop for the sole purpose of distribution to the criminal market. The concept of illegal armorers fulfilling demand in the criminal market with illegally made firepower is a factor generally overlooked when discussing civilian ownership bans and criminal access to firearms.

    An example seized in January 2019, also in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo. The 12 gauge shells shown appear to be loaded with slugs.

    Most interestingly the weapon simplifies things by indexing using a series of zig-zag type channels on the cylinder similar to what is seen on the Webley Fosbery or Pancor Jackhammer. It is constructed mostly from steel tubing welded together, including the barrel, pump arm and cylinder.

    Two examples along with an improvised ‘slam-bang’ shotgun and homemade SMG seized following a firefight with police in January 2018.

    Here is also a Police video:

    Pulling the pump forearm forward cocks the hammer – when pushing forward, an arm attached to the pump above the barrel rides inside the channels turning the cylinder in a counterclockwise motion. The cylinder appears to be made from a large diameter outer section of tube with eight chambers welded inside for ease of construction.