POTD: Watermelon in Army Sniper School

    Normally we try to fill TFB with a cool photo of a firearm every day, but today is “greener” and different.

    Today’s Picture is of a watermelon shot by an unspecified sniper rifle from 400 yards away.

    This happened at Army Sniper School, on a range at Fort Benning, Georgia, and serves as a warning example just how precise and deadly a trained sniper can be.

    400 feet isn’t extremely far, it is still within reach for a lot of calibers that aren’t really considered as long-range cartridges. However, what kind of optics you chose will have a large impact on how accurate you can be over time – as long as the combination of your rifle and ammunition works of course.

    The photo was taken earlier this year by Katie Lange.

    Have you done any similar “trick shots”?