Los Angeles Police Seize Over 1,000 Guns from Bel-Air Mansion

    LAPD photograph showing the pistols and revolvers seized during the search (LAPD)

    A plethora of over 1,000 firearms of various types, calibres, makes and models have been seized by LAPD at a Bel-Air residence. Police reportedly acted on an anonymous tip-off and gained a search warrant to raid an 8,000sq foot home in the affluent Holmby Hills area. The home, valued at $7 million, is reportedly owned by Cynthia Beck, a Los Angeles real estate mogul.

    LA bust

    Aerial view of the collection being catalogued (Reuters)

    Over 1,000 rifles, pistols and shotguns of various types and ranging from antiques to modern sporting rifles and AR-15s were seized in the raid. From the photos released by the LAPD and the aerial footage captured by news agencies, it appears that the weapons include dozens of Smith & Wesson, Colt, and Ruger revolvers and semi-automatic handguns including 1911s, S&W M&Ps and Glocks.

    The guns were piled outside the house and catalogued. Photos show lever actions and a large number of bolt action rifles including vintage military rifles and modern hunting and precision target rifles, as well as dozens of modern semi-automatic rifles including numerous AR-15s and Ruger Mini-14s. One photograph shows a collection of pistol calibre carbines including an Uzi-pattern gun, and several Auto-Ordnance Thompsons as well as what appear to be AR-9 type PCCs. It is unclear if any select-fire weapons were seized.

    A pile of sporting rifles seized in the raid (LAPD)

    Sharing photographs on their facebook page, LAPD said: “one of the largest recoveries in LAPD history. How did this happen?” The search was a joint LAPD and ATF operation investigating a tip-off that someone was selling and manufacturing illegal firearms. The search resulted in the arrest of Girard Damien Saenz, 56, on ‘suspicion of possessing, selling and manufacturing assault weapons‘.

    Some of the ammunition seized (LAPD)

    A large quantity of ammunition was also seized with boxes of .38 Special, 9x19mm, 5.56x45mm, .303, .308, 7.62×39, and .30-06. LAPD’s Lt. Chris Ramirez told the press that: “ammunition was piled up in several parts of the room. Weapons were laid out on the floor, weapons were stashed in several parts of the rooms, they were just all over, on top of various boxes, in sinks and stuff like that.

    Various rifles and PCCs seized by police and ATF (LAPD)

    Saenz has since been bailed following the posting of a $50,000 bail and the ATF are now reported to be tracing every firearm confiscated to see if they have been used in any recorded crimes. There are literally hundreds of different makes and models piled up in the photos, what guns can you identify, let us know in the comments.

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