POTD: A Venezuelan AR57 Appears

    AR-57 in Venezuela

    This week social media lit up when an AR with an AR57 upper was seen during the attempted coup in Venezuela. Made by AR57 LLC, of Kent, Washington, the AR57 launched a few years ago. People on social media were quick to question how this AR57 made its way to Venezuela, some even suggesting it was evidence of CIA involvement in the coup. The truth is probably a lot less sensational.

    The FN P90 is actually a popular weapon in Venezuela with various law enforcement and military agencies such as the Venezuelan Navy, Army and Air Force special forces and a number of police forces issuing them. So it is likely that this member of FNAB (a Venezuelan gendarmerie force) is familiar with the P90 and 5.7x28mm. The AR57 was likely smuggled into Venezuela and sold on the black market.

    How much 5.7mm ammo is floating around Venezuela is unknown. Check out our 2016 review of the AR57 here!