Surefire X300 Ultra – My Thoughts After Five Years…

    In the gun community, the Surefire X300 Ultra has one of the best reputations for reliability and quality among the flashlight companies on the market. My X300 journey started around five years ago. I picked up my first Surefire light and started using it for daily carry. Fast forward five years and countless rounds later, my Surefire has weathered the abuse and excelled over the years. The X300 especially has gained my trust. I have bought a number of other weapon lights from them in the last based on the awesome performance I get out of the X300. I tend to switch out my pistol lights between guns when I carry them so I went with the X300U-A. 

    The X300U-A  has a lever that locks into the picatinny rail of an accessory rail. If you do not plan on moving your flashlight onto other guys the X300U-B is also a great option. The B model has a rotating circular lock that has a solid lock up, but was originally designed for metal framed guns to take out the wiggle room the X300U-A has. I prefer the A model just because it’s easy to take off quickly and put on another pistol or rifle if needed.

    Redesigning the Light 

    With the new X300 Ultra model coming out that has the 1,000 Lumen rating, it’s one of the strongest pistol weapon lights on the market. Surefire came out with the XH35 earlier in 2018 but the issue was it had a new design, so it wouldn’t work in X300 Holsters. Surefire saw the slow sales due to the incompatibility of holsters with older models. They began working on a new head for the X300U body which would bring the weapon light up to 1,000 Lumens without changing the body. Surefire released the upgraded X300 in August 2018, making this robust light even better. There are a lot of choices when it comes to pistol weapon lights, but few have as good of a track record as Surefire.

    Activation Controls 

    I personally enjoy running the Surefire system of lights over the Streamlight style because of the push to engage feature. To me, the push to engage feature is faster to activate than the rotate feature on the Streamlights. This may be a personal preference but it seems to be simpler than the traditional Streamlight. The Inforce lights also can do a momentary engagement button but don’t always deactivate the light once its on. They work, but take practice to master the controls.

    Overall Thoughts 

    The best advice I have for people is to try each system out and see what works for you. I love the controls and durability of the Surefire lights but not everyone’s the same. The problem with this durability and quality is the price, but trust me it’s well worth it. If I had to complain about something, it would be that sometines the light does rattle on certain guns I have. It can be fixed with either electrical tape or swtiching out the paddles inside the light. I will continue running my X300U-A and let you guys know if anything happens to it. In the future, I plan on picking up a new 1,000 Lumen X300U and it will get its own review. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email. As always stay safe out there.

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