Milkor USA Offer Army Trade-In M32 40MM Grenade Launchers For Sale

    M32 GL

    Staff Sgt. James C. Sanchez looks through the M2A1 reflex sight on the M-32 Multiple shot Grenade Launcher, an experimental six-round weapon that can deliver six 40 mm grenades in under three seconds. Marines are fielding the new rapid-fire weapon to troops to boost small-team capabilities to deliver greater indirect firepower (Gunnery Sgt. Mark Oliva/USMC)

    Milkor USA have announced a small batch of original US Army trade-in M32 revolving 40mm grenade launchers are available for purchase. Of course, being 40mm launchers the M32s in civilian hands must be registered as Destructive Devices. The launchers will come as a package including sling, bag, reflex sight and a cleaning kit. Some of the M32s on offer have been upgraded with current M32A1 parts. While the M32 is in service with the USMC and US SOCOM, it is not currently adopted by the US Army.

    Here’s Milkor USA’s press release:

    TUCSON, AZ – May 3, 2019 – MILKOR USA INC has just released a small group of Army trade-in original M32 40mm Grenade Launchers for public sale. Only 53 units are ever being made available, and a number of them have already been claimed.

    The M32 is a hand-held, gas-operated, semi-automatic, six-shot 40mm grenade launcher. Proudly made in the USA, the M32 fires all DODIC NATO and Standard 40mm (40x46mm) Low Velocity, Lethal, and Less Lethal grenades. All six of the M32s 40mm grenades can be fired in three seconds, effectively covering an area of 20 x 60 meters without reloading the weapon. With Low Velocity Grenades, the M32 is accurate for pin-point targets at distances of up to 125 meters, and has a maximum range of 400 meters.

    Each sale will include: (1) M32 Grenade Launcher, (1) M2A1 Reflex Sight, (1) carry bag, (1) sling, and (1) 40mm cleaning kit. Some accessories may not be original issued equipment, but original issued equipment will be allocated on a first come, first served basis (while supplies last). Some launchers have been repaired or upgraded with current M32A1 generation parts. All launchers are functional, but as actual issued and fielded weapons, they have varying degrees of wear. Some launchers may have squad markings etched or painted on the exterior. Other signs of use/customization by the original user may be present.

    Buyer is responsible for taxes, transfer costs, and all other applicable fees. Full payment is required to begin ATF transfer paperwork. If the Form 4 is denied, we will refund all payments less a $200.00 processing fee. Guns are sold AS-IS. Buyer must sign an end-user agreement.

    Milkor USA haven’t stated just how many surplus M32s are available but to inquire about purchasing one you can find Milkor’s contact details here.

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