Colin Furze Builds An Uzi Machine Gun Briefcase

    For those not familiar with Colin Furze, he is an eccentric mad tinkerer in England. He has a substantial following on his YouTube channel and he makes some really cool gadgets. I first came across Colin 5 years ago when he made working Wolverine claws from X-Men. Then he made wrist mounted flame throwers based on the Marvel character Pyro. He also made a thermite launcher. Well, his Uzi machine gun briefcase was inspired by the movie Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle.

    We never got to see what machine gun was used in the movie. And in a later scene, Eggsy throws the briefcase above his shoulder and fires an RPG.

    Colin used one of his UZI bb guns, most likely airsoft, from a previous build where he weaponized a Tuk Tuk, a ubiquitous three-wheeled vehicle commonly seen in India.

    He plans out his build by breaking down what needs to be done.

    1. Mount the Uzi inside the briefcase
    2. make a mechanism to pull the charging handle
    3. make a mechanism to pull the trigger
    4. make a switch to activate said mechanisms

    His Uzi machine gun briefcase build is something I would expect from Mythbusters. Rather than making a mechanical briefcase like the infamous Heckler & Koch MP5K briefcase, Colin opted for electronic actuators and motors to operate the Uzi machine gun.

    In order to cock the charging handle, Colin replaced the knob with a geared block. Then using a modified gear and electric motor, he can charge the Uzi. This setup is similar to an electric airsoft rifle. A gear with a significant gap spins and pulls the bolt and plunger for the airsoft gun. When the gap in the spinning gear reaches the bar, the spring of the plunger flies forward pushing the bb out of the gun. I am not sure why this was necessary though. The MP5K briefcase does not have any linkages to manipulate the charging handle. You just cock it to load the first round then close the briefcase.

    I have to admit it is nice that Colin does not need to manually charge the Uzi machine gun briefcase.

    Below you can see the electronically activated actuator that pulls the trigger.

    The final piece to the Uzi machine gun briefcase was to make a new handle for the activation switch.

    And here is the final result

    I like the cleverness but feel like electronic actuators is cheating compared to the geometry and clockwork-like mechanical activation of the MP5K Briefcase. The other problem with this design is that the UZI is semi-permanently mounted inside. Whereas the MP5K briefcase was designed to allow the MP5K to be quickly removed and utilized in a normal manner.¬† I also question whether this setup would hold up to a real Uzi machine gun. Obviously, the charging mechanism wouldn’t withstand the reciprocating motions. But this briefcase design does not really need that gimmick.

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