MAC & JAMES – New B&T US Army Sub-Compact Weapon

    Combining three of my favorite things into one complete package, Tim from the Military Arms Channel and James from TFBTV get a first look at the New B&T US Army Sub-Compact Weapon in this exclusive new video.

    We’ve covered the Army’s new contract for B&T sub guns several times in the past, and as an APC9 owner, I promised myself that I wouldn’t dive into the small arms maker’s latest release. But, at second glance, even the APC9k semiautomatic civilian version has some impressive upgrades over the first generation guns. Joel Wise also covered the B&T sub-compact weapon at NRAAM.

    Have a look and let us know your thoughts.


    Published on May 3, 2019

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    James Reeves from TFBtv joins us to take a look at the new B&T SCW (sub compact weapon) that was adopted by the US Army as their new sub-machine gun. These will be available on the US civilian market as the APC9k as a semi-automatic pistol.

    MAC & JAMES - New B&T US Army Sub-Compact Weapon

    Published on Apr 30, 2019

    In this episode of TFBTV’s NRAAM 2019 coverage, James Reeves visits B&T to check out their new B&T APC-9K sub machine gun/SMG/PCC, which recently won a contract with the U.S. Army. The APC-9K is a PDW-sized 9mm submachinegun that accepts B&T’s proprietary mags and packs a punch in a very small, easy to use package – BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Yes, it also can accept Glock magazines with the purchase of a Glock-mag compatible lower. Special thanks to the legendary Tim of Military Arms Channel for allowing us to crash his range to shoot the APC-9K!


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