POTD: Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando

    “Prepare for tomorrow’s threats, today” – that is the motto of the Norwegian Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK), a unit name that translates to the Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando.

    Today’s Photos are nothing short of amazing, as they show off a live fire exercise from their speed boats.

    Below: Operators from Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando in rib boats along the Norwegian coastline (Trøndelag).

    Below: Notice how the empty 40 mm grenade casings are falling like beer cans, onto the boat and into the water.

    To my knowledge, this is a Granatmaschinengewehr or “grenade machine gun”, from Heckler & Koch called GMG. (Heckler & Koch GMG)

    From HK’s description of the GMG:

    Thanks to its high rate of fire, combined with the fragmentation and anti-armour effect of the 40 mm rounds, the GMG combines the advantages of machine guns and grenade launchers. What is more, it provides high operational flexibility. It can be used either on a tripod as an infantry weapon for engaging ground targets, or installed on a mount for use on land vehicles or patrol boats.

    Note the Colt C8 on the soldier’s back.  

    This unit also uses the FN Minimi, Rheinmetall MG 3 and the M2 Browning HMG.


    Naturally, they operate on land as well.

    Suppressed Colt C8 carbine.

    All pictures by the Norwegian Armed Forces, taken by Torbjørn Kjosvold / Forsvaret.

    Can anyone identify the speed boats?