NEW Ruger SUPER GP100 Competition Revolver

    Ruger Super GP100 Competition Hybrid Revolver (660)

    Ruger has added a new competition revolver to their Custom Shop products. The new wheel gun is called Super GP100. This is not just a tuned GP100 but rather a hybrid of a GP100 and Redhawk. It is based on a Redhawk frame that allows having a large 8-round .357 Magnum cylinder but it also inherited the dual-spring clockwork from the GP100/Super Redhawk which is more suitable to be tuned and allowed Ruger engineers to design a light competition trigger.

    Ruger Super GP100 Competition Hybrid Revolver (2)

    Being a Ruger Custom Shop revolver, the Super GP100 has a tuned action to make it function smoothly. The revolver features a triple locking cylinder with the locking points at the rear, front and bottom of the frame. The appearance of the stainless steel cylinder reminds that of the LCR revolvers. The cylinder is lightened as much as possible – a good feature for a competition revolver. The chambers and the extractor are cut to allow using moon clips for quick reloads during the competition.

    Ruger Super GP100 Competition Hybrid Revolver (5)

    Probably what immediately jumps out when you look at the Super GP100 is the skeletonized barrel shroud. These cuts are there to reduce the weight. The cold hammer forged 5.5″ barrels feature an 11° target crown. The smooth Hogue hardwood grips are hand finished. You can also change the grips with an aftermarket grip of your choice.

    Ruger Super GP100 Competition Hybrid Revolver (3)

    The Super GP100 comes with an adjustable rear sight and a replaceable fiber optic front sight. The gun features a PVD finish which according to Ruger makes the extraction easier and reduces the glare. The overall length of this revolver is 11″ and it weighs in at 47 oz. Of course, being chambered in .357 Magnum, it can also shoot .38 Special ammunition.

    The new Ruger Super GP100 revolver ships in a box as shown above. It comes with three full moon clips. The MSRP of this new wheel gun is $1,549.

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