POTD: A Pair of Engraved Colt Thuer Derringers

    POTD A Pair of Engraved Colt Thuer Derringers (1)

    Today’s POTD depicts a pair of beautifully engraved Colt Thuer derringers found in the catalog of the upcoming May 2019 Rock Island Premiere Firearm Auction. These derringers are chambered in .41 RF and feature checkered ivory grips and nickel plated finish.

    Here is how the Rock Island Auction Company describes this lot:

    This exceptionally rare lot consists of two closely serialized factory engraved Colt Thuer Derringers with cigar style fitted case. The elaborate engraving is done in a L.D. Nimschke style, and this pair – serial numbers 4917 & 4923 – are pictured and identified on page XXXIV of R. L. Wilson’s book “L.D. Nimschke Firearms Engraver.” The beautifully executed floral scroll and dot background engraving is featured on the barrel, frame and back strap with the addition of a geometric pattern following the length of the back strap. There is also an engraved scallop band around the muzzle and breech. The derringer has the desirable short, high hammer spur, which was initially used on the earliest production examples before changed to a sloping hammer spur later in production, and bronze frame. The top of the barrel has the large italic “-COLT-.” Nickel finish with casehardened hammer, niter blue screw heads, and trigger. Fitted with checkered bird head grips. The included cigar style pocket case holds both derringers. Note that 19th century derringer cases, especially for pairs, are rarely seen.

    Below you can find several other images of these derringers.

    POTD A Pair of Engraved Colt Thuer Derringers (7)

    POTD A Pair of Engraved Colt Thuer Derringers (5)

    POTD A Pair of Engraved Colt Thuer Derringers (2)

    Images courtesy of Rock Island Auction Companywww.rockislandauction.com