NEW US-Made SIG Sauer P210 Standard Introduced

    The SIG P210 is an iconic pistol and while SIG Sauer have been offering the Target version of the pistol for a few years, featuring a match trigger and target-style grips, they have now introduced the US-made ‘P210 Standard’. While the new pistol isn’t hard and fast true to the original Swiss design, it offers some of the ergonomic improvements introduced with the earlier target pistol but focuses on a more practical configuration.

    The SIG Sauer P210 Target (SIG Sauer)

    We got a brief look at the SIG Sauer P210 at NRAAM 2019, check that out here.

    Here’s what SIG Sauer have to say about the launch of the P210 Standard:

    With a history that dates back to 1949, the SIG SAUER P210 was the combat handgun for the Swiss Military, and is regarded as one of the most legendary, reliable, and accurate firearms in the world. Today, SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce the American Made P210 Standard pistol to the U.S. Commercial Market featuring modern improvements, at a price point that will allow more consumers to enjoy this timeless pistol.

    The new SIG Sauer P210 Standard (SIG Sauer)

    “The SIG SAUER P210 Standard is an engineering marvel, and with this launch our product development has really come full circle in bringing our production of all SIG products back to the U.S. The P210 Standard combines the Swiss and German heritage that made this pistol legendary, with the ingenuity of being American made,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales. “The reverse rail on this pistol gives it precise accuracy. The thin contour grip and balance in weight gives it less felt recoil, and the tuned, short trigger press truly makes this one of the finest handguns ever made.”

    The SIG SAUER P210 Standard is a 9mm hammer-fired pistol, with a precision machined stainless steel slide and frame. The pistol features iron sights, upgraded ergonomic controls including a relocated manual thumb-safety for easier accessibility, a target grade trigger, custom walnut grips, a side magazine release, and improved beavertail. The pistol comes standard with two 8-round magazines.

    SIG have also put together this video explaining the changes and features:

    Here’s the specs for the P210 Standard:

    • Total length: 8.4”
    • Barrel length: 5”
    • Weight (incl. magazine):36.9 oz.
    • Height: 5.3”
    • Finish: Nitron
    • Sight radius: 6.7”

    SIG Sauer have not confirmed the new pistol’s MSRP yet. Find out more here.

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