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Matt E
by Matt E

CZ-USA is mixing up their line with a number of old and new school guns. Traditionally, CZ has been known for turning out classic bolt action rifles and the legendary CZ-75 series. In the last few years, they have really been trying to diversify their line up of modern and classic firearms. This year at NRA is no different with several releases both for modern PCCs and classic style guns.

New for Pistol Caliber Carbines

CZ-USA has had the Scorpion pistols and pistol caliber carbines out for a few years but now they have partnered with Magpul to release the Magpul edition Scorpion pistol caliber carbine. This new version has upgraded furniture from Magpul as well as their new scorpion magazines. My first impression was the pistol grip felt much more natural in my hand compared to the factory grip. The hand guard feels great in the hand and their stock is also a sturdy side folder that locks with a positive audible click.

They have two versions of the pistol caliber carbine that will be shipping to stores. The first has a faux suppressor which really completes the look of the carbine, and the regular Magpul edition which will have a muzzle brake on the end. My personal favorite between the two would have to be the regular edition with the muzzle brake.

New Pistols

CZ released a few new versions of their handguns as well. The first would be the new optics ready version of their P-10 series. They now will be selling an optics ready version of their handgun which will be able to take a number of different optics on the market today. CZ had a P-10 F with an Aimpoint Acro on the show floor and I was impressed with how low profile the mounting plates were.

There are also a few classic handguns out from CZ and Dan Wesson this year. The first was the Kodiak from Dan Wesson which was a 6 inch barreled 10mm 1911. This was one of the best looking guns I saw and was one of those guns which had a presence. I found myself going back to check it out more every time I walked by the CZ booth. They also came out with a Shadow 2 variant with orange aluminium grips. In the past, they have sold them in a number of different colors, but this is the first year for orange. If you guys have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. Stay safe out there.

Matt E
Matt E

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  • ChiptheBarber ChiptheBarber on Apr 29, 2019

    I don't shoot competition. Is it wrong for me to want that orange Shadow 2 so badly? (And a blue one, and a plaid one, etc.)

  • Abel_Archer83 Abel_Archer83 on Apr 30, 2019

    I would love to have the TS orange but it's way out of my price range. Guess my SP 01 Tactical will have to do.............for now. I'm curious about the difference between the TSO and the Accushadow. Other than the TSO is single action only and the Accushadow is da/sa.