[NRA 2019] Super Light Suppressors, New Stiletto Pro and XVL2 From Surefire

    New Socom M300 Ti on an Accuracy International. Photo Credit: Surefire

    New Titanium Suppressors

    Surefire brought two new suppressors for release at NRA 2019. Both are built entirely of Titanium. This has cut the weight nearly in half compared to the weight of their predecessors. Both suppressors were designed for use with bolt action rifles and use Surefire’s quick detach mount system. While not designed for heavy cadences of fire, the titanium cans were surprisingly light.

    The Socom 260 Ti will be available in Black and Flat Dark Earth.

    The new SOCOM 260-Ti was designed forĀ 6mm, 6.5mm and .260 caliber bolt action rifles.
    Photo Credit: Surefire

    The first is the Socom 260-Ti, designed for 6mm, 6.5mm and .260 caliber bolt action rifles. Surefire also introduced a new Socom 300-Ti for up to 7.62mm bolt action rifles.

    The Socom 300 Ti will also be available in Black and Flat Dark Earth and will work with bolt action rifles up to 7.62 mm.

    Both have an MSRP of $1,350 and are available now.

    New Stiletto Pro for the Concealed Carrier


    Photo Credit: Surefire

    The new Stiletto Pro was a popular handheld light at NRA 2019. The new pro version has all the same features of the original 650-lumen Stiletto but adds an aluminum body, reverse pocket clip, and 1000 lumen output.

    The Stiletto Pro pocket clip can be easily switched to carry bezel up or bezel down.

    The Stiletto Pro does not yet have a decided MSRP, but keep your eyes open as it is expected to ship in the next month.


    New XVL2 for the Night Vision User

    While more of a niche use item, the XVL2 was a hot item at NRA 2019. This light has already started shipping to agencies and a class 1 version has an expected release date before the end of 2019. The XVL2 has a max vision beam with dual output white and IR illuminator and laser pointer.

    The 7 modes that the XVL2 can be used in are displayed on the bottom of the unit.

    Thankfully the visible and IR laser are also slaved to ease in the zeroing process.

    Despite all the features, the XVL2 maintains a remarkably small footprint.

    Surefire did a great job of minimizing size while offering all of the necessary tools. Photo Credit: Surefire

    Running off of a single CR 123A battery, the runtime is 1.5 hours with a white light output of 400 lumens and 300mW IR.


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