[NRA 2019] Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P 380 Shield EZ M2.0

    EZ M2.0

    Smith & Wesson has announced a pretty dressed-up version of one of their most popular models by producing the Performance Center M&P 380 Shield EZ M2.0. There are 3 NEW versions of the M&P 380 Shield EZ M2.0 with Gold, Silver, and Black coated barrels. When many shooters upgrade or “pimp out” some of their favorite pistols some of the first things they do are change the barrel, trigger, and/or sights. Well, Smith & Wesson has beat the consumer to the proverbial punch by making the Performance Center M&P 380 Shield EZ M2.0 completely upgraded and finished right out of the box.

    • Ported Barrel to Reduce Muzzle Flip
    • Lightening Cuts in Slide for Reduced Weight
    • PC Flat Face, Anodized Aluminum Trigger in a Gold, Silver or Black Finish
    • PC Enhanced Anodized Aluminum Grip Safety in a Gold, Silver or Black Finish
    • PC Ported, Titanium-Coated Barrel in a Gold, Silver or Black Finish
    • Easy-to-Rack Slide

    EZ M2.0

    • Performance Center Action, Crisp, Lightweight Trigger w/ Tactile & Audible Trigger Reset
    • HI-VIZ® Litewave H3™ Tritium/Litepipe Sights
    • Tactile Loaded Chamber Indicator (TLCI) – to see & feel if there is a round in the chamber
    • Picatinny-style rail
    • 2 Easy-to-Load, 8-Round Magazines

    These pistols still retain all of their original desirable specifications like an easy-to-rack slide, a manual thumb safety, a grip safety, and easy handling. All three of these new variants of the Performance Center M&P 380 Shield EZ M2.0 are currently shipping to firearm retailers so if you are wanting to add one of these to your collection you can absolutely do so.

    Right now the suggested MSRP for the Gold, Silver, or Black coated barrel models are $502. These all also carry Smith & Wesson’s Lifetime Service Policy which should come as no surprise. So the final question that remains is, would you buy one?… I personally love it when manufacturers jazz up their firearm models from the predicted norm of plain, jane black. Let us know what you think in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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