[NRA 2019] The New LWRCI SMG-45 Pistol Caliber Carbine

    Lwrci SMG-45

    Over the last 4 years LWRCI has been developing their new sub machine gun. They’ve now made two versions for the commercial market as a pistol caliber carbine. This little beast packs a punch in 45 auto with a 25 round H&K UMP magazine. Most new items at this years NRA have been additions or new models but nothing new from the ground up, but the LWRCI SMG-45 is different.

    LWRCI SMG-45 – Specifications

    The SMG-45 is a delayed blow back system with LWRC’s rail system. It has an 8.5 inch threaded barrel that can attach a suppressor to take advantage of the 45 acp’s subsonic abilities. The SMG-45 also has a side charger similar that is non reciprocating, but also can be changed to the right or left side for left handed individuals. The bolt release is also ambidextrous  with the padde on both side on the gun which is nice for off hand shooting. Probably one of my favorite things about the SMG is the paddle style magazine release for the gun. It’s just like the MP5 and makes it very easy to swap out magazines.

    Another great feature they included was the side folding SB Tactical brace which allows the user to fold up the gun into a very small package. Right now the SMG-45 is only available in 45 auto but plans for 40 cal and 9mm are in works. There will be conversion kits available in the future where it’ll be easy to swap out to a different caliber if you’d like. The full auto version of the SMG-45 cycles around 650-700 rounds per minute but is the recoil is still manageable. MSRP on the SMG-45 is $2999 so its not the cheapest option but you get quite the package for the price.

    Overall Initial Impressions

    Overall, I think the LWRC SMG-45 is a fresh new entry in th PCC world. it has some really cool features and decided to go in a different direction with taking HK UMP magazines, and it looks great. it had a nice balance to it and didn’t seem overly heavy at all to me. I am a big fan of the SMG-45 so far and hope once we can get one to test on the range it will be equally as impressive. If you guys have any questions of comments please feel free to leave them below. Stay safe out there!

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