[NRA 2019] SIG Sauer’s New Products


    SIG Sauer has been busy adding to their line up of new products especially in the optics section. SIG has been taking on various parts of the firearm and accessory market in the last couple years and this year there are a few more additions to the line up.

    New Firearms

    The first big announcement was the release of the standard P210. Many people have been asking for the standard version of the iconic pistol after they re-released the P210 Target model . The new P210 standard has fixed sights rather than adjustable sights and a 3 dot configuration. The front serrations on the slide have also been taken off to keep the handgun authentic. The last big difference between the Target model and the new standard model is the checkered grips rather than the large palm swell grip. These three little changes make the gun feel completely different and personally I love the changes back to the old style. The gun feels authentic and fresh while still staying true to its roots from the iconic P210 of the past. I would recommend you check them out if your a fan of SAO handguns!

    The second big release from SIG at NRA was the announcement of a Flat Dark Earth version of the P365. The P365 has been popular with its 10+1 standard capacity and with the United States Army picking up the M17 as the current service pistol, the flat dark earth P365 was another variation of the popular concealed carry pistol.

    SIG’s P229 Legion SAO model has started shipping as well so that is great news for individuals who have been waiting for the single action only variant to hit they market.

    Other New Things

    SIG Sauer is expanding their suppressor line with the MODX9 and MODX45 modular baffle suppressor. The MODX series lets the user add or take off baffles on the suppressor with a wrench. This gives the user the ability to customize the overall length of their suppressor. This is new to the market and SIG is expecting to start shipping in the very near future.


    SIG has a number of new optics on display at NRA with the Romeo 1T, and Romeo 3 XL. The Romeo 3 XL has a larger field of view and clearer glass to make it easier for faster transitions using the red dot.  The Romeo 2 was on display as well with adjustable metal hoods to protect the optic. SIG’s Romeo 2 has an adjustable hood system. This is one of the first optic platforms to give the user the option to customize the amount of metal coverage is on the red dot. It have a small, medium, and full coverage hood to give whatever level of coverage the user may need for that style of shooting.

    They also have a few new rifle red dots coming out this year. They are the Romeo 8T and Romeo 8H. The Romeo 8T will have an aluminum shroud where the Romeo 8H will be the optic without the shroud. Another new rifle optic is the Tango 6T which is a new 1-6×24 in a burnt bronze finish. If you guys have any questions or comments feel free to leave them blow Stay safe out there.

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