TFB Review: Summit Precision 10/22 Carbon Barrel

    Carbon fiber wrapped barrels seem to be all the rage for the past several years. Proof Research has led the market with their carbon fiber precision barrels. Even Volquartsen has been making carbon fiber barrels for 10/22 but they cost almost as much as a brand new 10/22. Summit Precision has come out with their own carbon fiber barrels that are a little bit more affordable.

    Summit Precision Light Weight Carbon Barrel

    Just like the Volquartsen THM Tension barrel, the Summit Precision carbon fiber barrel uses a carbon fiber sleeve rather than a true carbon fiber wrap. I do not see this being an issue. It is a rimfire barrel after all.

    So how lightweight is the Summit Precision carbon fiber barrel? 1lbs 7.4oz. It actually weighs less than the factory 10/22 taper barrel.

    Factory Ruger 10/22 taper barrel weighs 1lbs 13.3oz.

    Summit Precision carbon fiber barrel weighs 1lbs 7.4oz

    My E.R. Shaw bull barrel weighs more than double the Summit Precision barrel.

    Shaw Bull Barrel


    • Manufacturer: Summit Precision
    • Length: 18.5″
    • Material: 416 Stainless Steel
    • Twist: 1:16″
    • Chamber: 22 Bentz
    • Thread: 1/2-28
    • Weight: 23.2oz

    How Well Does It Shoot?

    That is the ultimate question though right? If it is lighter weight and doesn’t perform well then it wouldn’t be worthwhile. Well, I am happy to say that is not the case. It performs very, very well.

    10 rounds SK Standard Plus at 50 yards

    10 rds SK Standard Plus

    Minor Issues With The Carbon Fiber Barrel

    So there were a couple of issues but these are not deal breakers. The first hiccup is the barrel fit to the receiver. Since Summit Precision makes their barrels to be for precision shooting the barrel is a bit tight going into the receiver. They left the barrel tenon slightly oversized so you can custom fit the barrel to your receiver. This one made it halfway into the receiver and I used a rubber mallet and WD-40 to pound it into its final position.

    I realized that I will have a difficult time removing this barrel from my upper receiver if I want to change out barrels. I purchased an Archangel take down stock that converts a regular 10/22 into a takedown style firearm but it requires a loose barrel-receiver fit. Not possible with this barrel.

    The chamber is a little tight so make sure you use good ammo. I had a couple failures to feed on some Remington Golden Bullets. So I went back to the SK Standard Plus ammo which are lubricated similarly to the higher end Lapua and Eley .22lr ammo.

    Final Thoughts

    L-R: Shaw bull barrel, Summit Precision carbon fiber barrel, factory Ruger taper barrel.

    I requested the matte black barrel from Summit Precision but they offer the same barrels in a glossy finish carbon fiber and a red/black carbon fiber weave.

    photo by Summit Precision

    Summit Precision’s carbon fiber barrels are only $225 on their website. They now offer a carbon fiber blue barrel for $235 if you are feeling particularly blue.

    photo credit: Summit Precision

    I think that barrel and a blue PMACA chassis would be stellar.

    At the moment a few followers on Instagram along with myself have made suggestions of barrels they should make next. I would like to see a similar barrel made for the Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle. It is my current favorite bolt action rimfire rifle but it is a bit heavy. Reducing the weight with a carbon sleeved barrel without sacrificing accuracy would be fantastic.

    I would also like to see the barrels Cerakoted or parkerized. The satin stainless steel looks cool for a bench gun but I prefer a more subdued look. Of course, the rattle can spray paint can solve this small issue, I prefer a more robust coating.

    If you want to upgrade your 10/22 with a lightweight and accurate barrel that won’t break the bank, then I would recommend you take a look at Summit Precision.

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