Upgraded Yemeni Individual 14.5mm AMR

    Mesfer Al-Tuhaifi is a Yemeni engineer from Ma’rib. There was an article about his single shot 14.5x114mm AMR before but we didn’t have enough information about it. Another video released by him and his brother who assists him in his projects gave us a clue about who is the man behind it.

    Both rifles were built using a 14.5mm HMG barrel which is the easiest way to get a rifled barrel in Yemen since no manufacturer can export a brand new barrel to Yemen legally due to the firearms export ban.

    A scope rail is integrally made on the chassis and should accept most scopes available on the local market. The chassis itself appears to be made from a milled steel tube. It consists of upper and lower receivers and includes the butt stock as well. The milled chassis adds some extra weight to the rifle which is good in absorbing some of the recoil and therefore helping with the accuracy.

    The magazine is a built-in box shape that is welded to the lower receiver, thus making the loading procedure similar to the Mauser K98.

    There are two versions of the rifle: with a short magazine and another extended one which probably can take up to 5 rounds but that is just an assumption since no confirmed information is available about that.

    The rifle has some cool features such as the takedown feature that facilitates handling and moving rapidly with the rifle stored in a backpack.

    Bolt action appears to be very smooth in operating and no jamming occurred either in loading or ejecting the spent cases.

    That was the technical view of the rifle, but what happened next?

    I did a quick search on the Internet about Mesfer Al-Tuhaifi and found several articles in Yemeni press talking about him and his requests to Yemeni government to adopt his design but seems that no one cared.



    Later, while I was searching for new firearms at Yemeni gun shops, a picture of a non-standard AMR appeared. It didn’t take long to realize that the same rifle which Mesfer made is being listed by a dealer for sale. The price he was asking was 35,000 Saudi Riyals (about 9,340 U.S. Dollars). This makes me come to a conclusion that because the designer was not hired through legal channels of firearms business he went through illegal channels to benefit from his ideas, especially considering that Mesfer himself stated that no one funded his project except for some support from his family.



    Marawan Maklad

    Marawan Maklad is an Egyptian firearms and ammunition designer working for Turkish company specializing in the hunting and defense industries, and a dedicated researcher in asymmetric conflicts arms and tactics.