NEW Hornady A-Tip Bullets

    Sitting here in my hotel room just a day ahead of the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings and Hornady just announced their new A-Tip Bullets.

    When it comes to long-range precision shooting, one of the keys to success is consistency.  The shooter that reloads his or her own cartridges tries to use the same lot number of powder, bullets, and primers in an effort to keep everything as consistent as they can from shot to shot.  When the components match up, the impacts down range usually result in much smaller or tighter groups.

    One of the issues with lack of consistency in bullets is that despite the manufacturers best efforts, their bullets sometimes vary slightly in weight, measurement, and ballistic coefficient.  Hornady believes they may have finally solved this complex puzzle.

    Vice President, Jason Hornady says “The A-Tip is our version of the Rolls Royce of bullets.” “We believe this thing will outshoot, or shoot better than anything out there.

    The Hornady A-Tip has been designed to ensure that the bullets arrive to the consumer in the best possible condition. The aluminum tip ensures a consistent ballistic coefficient with each and every round. Bullets arrive to the consumer in sequential order, which means, as they come off the assembly line they are packaged in order.  Number two follows number one, et cetera. Jayden Quinlan of Hornady says, “When you have this box in your hand, this is bullet one through one hundred.”  True sequential packaging has never been done before and Hornady claims it will make the difference between good groups and great groups down range.

    I’m sure TFB will get our hands on some of these bullets in the coming weeks and will bring you a performance test as soon as possible.  As a precision rifle shooter, these bullets seem to be the consistent game changer we’ve been hoping for.  The verdict is still out, but seasoned professionals like George Gardner of GA Precision have been testing them for months and are already singing their praises.

    For more information check out this video from Hornady.

    You can also visit the Hornady website.


    Joel W

    Ex Law Enforcement. Security consultant. Owner of the Precision Rifle Network. Long range shooter and competitor. Husband. Father.