FSA’s Mysterious Self-Loading 14.5x114mm AMR

    Several videos of the 13th Commando Brigade of the Free Syrian Army were revealed on YouTube showing a strange looking AMR. For a moment, I thought it’s a new local made firearm like what they usually make there, but two consequent shots proved the opposite to me.

    The rifle is built using a 14.5mm anti-aircraft HMG barrel (as usual from FSA) and it’s fed from the top of the receiver just like the BREN machine gun but no detachable box magazine included. What appears here is an external charging clip that is kept attached to the weapon during the shooting.

    The mechanism appears to be a blowback system with a fixed firing pin? When the trigger is pulled, the bolt loads a round into the chamber and fires it at the same time. Then it ejects the spent case from the ejection port and stays cocked ready for shooting a new round which is located in the clip, not in the chamber itself. Does that make it an open bolt semi-auto anti-material rifle?

    The buttstock appears to be attached in some pictures and taken off in other ones, it seems to be taken from a PK machine gun or locally made with the same shape.

    The rifle provides a great tactical advantage by keeping targets in the line of sight which allows the operator to make follow up second, third and fourth shots if the first shot was missed. One major disadvantage is the weight of the weapon and the tripod which will make it very hard to maneuver in the urban warfare environment where you have to move and deploy fast and evacuate even faster after shooting before the opponent’s heavy weapons start dealing with you (in case you were spotted). It makes me wonder why they didn’t attach a bipod to it (personally I would love to own a lighter version on a bipod such as the old Soviet PTRS-41 but on a budget).

    There is not enough information revealed about this mysterious anti-materiel rifle from the sources who made it but we are working to get more details about every aspect of this interesting weapon.


    UPDATE- I would like to apologize to TFB readers, the Truth has finally revealed, this is NOT a craft produces firearm, but its 2×35 sub caliber training device to train soldiers to shoot tank guns since its cheaper to operate. The only changes made by FSA are to the scope and mount, lever-actuated firing mechanism (replacing the intended solenoid-based system), the added flash-suppressor, optional PK butt-stock, and of course the adapted tripod.

    Hereby I would like to thank my friend Jonathan Ferguson for his concern and searching to bring us the truth of this mysterious firearm-not anymore mysterious and thanks to Jonathan.



    Marawan Maklad

    Marawan Maklad is an Egyptian firearms and ammunition designer working for Turkish company specializing in the hunting and defense industries, and a dedicated researcher in asymmetric conflicts arms and tactics.