Apex Announces Threaded Barrel & Extractor for the FN 509

    Apex-adapted FN 509 (Apex)

    Arizona-based Apex Tactical Specialties have announced some new after-market parts for FN’s 509. A new threaded barrel and a ‘failure resistant extractor’.

    Apex FN 509 Threaded Barrel

    Apex describe the new barrel as:

    Designed specifically for the FN 509 model pistols with a factory 4.00” barrel, the Apex 9mm Threaded Barrel is machined from heat treated stainless steel. Each barrel is then black Melonite finished before it’s machined a second time to add contrasting stainless flutes.

    The twist rate is 1:10” for improved accuracy performance and the thread pattern is 1/2-28. Each barrel comes with a thread protector and a light recoil spring assembly for use when shooting with a comp. As a direct drop-in, the barrel requires no fitting.

    Here are the specs for the new barrel:

    Features and Specifications:
    – For 9mm FN 509 Pistols
    – Replaces 4.00” Factory Barrel
    – Stainless Steel
    – Black Melonite Finish with Contrasting Stainless Flutes
    – 1:10” Twist Rate
    – 1/2–28 Thread Pattern (thread protector included)
    – Light Recoil Spring Assembly (included)
    – No Fitting Required

    The new Apex Failure Resistant Extractor is available for pre-order now and will officially begin shipping on April 30th. The threaded barrel has an MSRP of $219.95, find out more here.

    Apex FN 509 Failure Resistant Extractor

    Here’s what Apex have to say about their new extractor:

    Designed specifically for use in the FN 509 model pistols only, the Apex Failure Resistant Extractor replaces the factory MIM extractor and delivers consistent, reliable extraction. It is machined from a billet of heat-treated stainless steel and the critical engagement surface features Apex’s custom extractor hook geometry, which is machined by wire EDM. The extractor is Black Nitride finished for enhanced durability.


    Apex have put together an installation video for the new extractor:

    Like the threaded barrel, the Apex Failure Resistant Extractor is available for pre-order now and will officially begin shipping on April 30th. It has an MSRP of $45.95. Find out more here.


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