NEW Ruger WRANGLER Rimfire Revolvers

    Ruger WRANGLER Rimfire Revolvers (19)

    Ruger has introduced a new budget-priced rimfire revolver patterned after the legendary Colt SAA. These new six-shot .22LR revolvers are called Wrangler. As seen in the below-embedded image, Ruger markets this revolver to both new and seasoned shooters by calling it “The perfect revolver whether it is your first or your next“. Let’s take a look at the main features of these little plinkers.

    Ruger WRANGLER Rimfire Revolvers (20)

    Ruger Wrangler revolvers come with aluminum alloy frames and checkered black polymer grips. The frames feature a Cerakote finish with three color options available: black, silver and burnt bronze. Note that these are the frame colors only: the cylinders and grips are black for all the versions. Other than the frame color, all other features of these revolvers are identical.

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    Ruger Wrangler revolvers are equipped with cold hammer forged barrels of 4.62″ length. The twist rate is 1:14. These new revolvers also feature transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock that ensure the safety of the action preventing the possibility of an accidental discharge. The revolvers come with a blade front sight and a notch rear sight that is integral with the frame. The overall length of the new revolver is 10.25″ and it weighs 30 oz.

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    As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the Ruger Wrangler revolvers are quite affordable. These revolvers are listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $249. Compared to other SAA-pattern Ruger rimfire revolvers such as the Single-Six series, the Ruger Wrangler revolvers are at least 2.5 times cheaper.

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    Overall, the Wranglers look to be really nice entry level rimfire revolvers that are affordable yet come from a reputable manufacturer. Let us know in the comments section what do you think about these new Ruger offerings? Which color option do you prefer? I like the silver one because the hammer color is matching the frame color and the grips and cylinder create a decent two-tone look.

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