American Tactical Introduces Galeo Rifle

    American Tactical's Galeo with classic wooden furniture (American Tactical)

    South Carolina-based American Tactical have introduced the Galeo, a rifle made from surplus Israeli Galil parts kits. Providing that classic Galil aesthetic with the 5.56x45mm, Galeo is available with both wood and polymer furniture.

    According to American Tactical, they worked with the Israeli Military to get their hands on original de-milled Galil rifles, formerly used by the IDF. Combining the imported surplus de-milled Galil parts kits with newly manufactured US-made parts they have introduced the Galeo. The new receivers are made from 4140 CDA Steel and are milled by American Tactical’s machining division. The rifles are finished and assembled at American Tactical’s Summerville, SC production facility.

    American Tactical’s Galeo with polymer furniture and Tapco Galil magazine (American Tactical)

    Here’s American Tactical’s press release about the Galeo:

    American Tactical, US manufacturer and world-wide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment, is happy to introduce the new Galeo rifle.

    The Galeo rifle’s design offers the best features of the AK-47 combined with added upgrades required for Israeli Military standards. It comes complete with a U.S.A. made receiver and barrel manufactured in Summerville, SC.  All parts on the rifle except the receiver and barrel are authentic IMI (Israeli Military Industry) parts.

    The Galeo is a 5.56 NATO caliber rifle with an 18” barrel length and a 1:7 twist rate. The furniture is available finished in wood (ATIGGALEO556W18) or polymer (ATIGGALEO556P18). The Galeo also features a side folding stock that allows for compact transport or easy sling carry. It has a milled receiver and comes with a Tapco branded 30-round magazine.


    • 5.56 NATO
    • 18.5” length Barrel.
    • 1:7 twist rate.
    • Folding metal rear stock.
    • Original IMI parts.
    • 30 round Tapco branded magazine.

    Production of the receivers is underway now and shipping is set to start later this month. You can sign up for an email notification on the rifle’s product page. MSRP for American Tactical’s Galeo rifles is $1299.95. For more information, American Tactical’s website, here.

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