POTD: Norwegian Home Guard during Joint Viking

    It’s time for the Picture Of The Day again, and we have an excellent choice of firearms to look at. The selection comes from Belgium, Germany and the United States of America.

    Below: Looking into the scope on top of the .50 BMG Barrett M82, the MS Stena Forecaster to the left. To the right, I think we’re looking at the Picatinny rail of a Heckler & Koch HK417.

    The Norwegian Home Guards are very well equipped, probably a lesson from World War II.

    The Home Guard’s QRF forces “Anklet, Ida and Lyra” performs force protection, during the winter exercise Joint Viking 2015.

    Looks like we have an FN Minimi in the group as well. What a dream team for close to long-range protection.


    All photos by Ole-Sverre Haugli, Hæren/Forsvaret (Norwegian Armed Forces).