Desert Tech .308 MDRs Now Shipping with 2019 Upgrades

    Desert Tech has published a news release stating that “All .308 MDRs shipping from the factory as of today are equipped with all of the 2019 upgraded parts!“. The upgraded parts include the new 6-position gas valve and the new wider extractor.

    Desert Tech .308 MDRs Now Shipping with 2019 Upgrades (1)

    Here is the video that was embedded into the newsletter.

    The wider extractor was designed because of the reports concerning ripped off rims of steel cased ammunition. The upgrades were implemented based on user feedback and in collaboration with InRange TV.

    The upgraded gas valve now has markings of the three main settings as well as other positions eliminating any confusion. It is a drop-in part and simply replaces the old pattern valve. Below you can find a video telling about the new gas valve.

    Those of you who already own an MDR can get this new valve free because it is covered by the company’s warranty. Here is a quote from Desert Tech website:

    Desert Tech is upgrading the MDR gas valve to a new
    2019 6 position valve. This increases the variety of ammo, and suppressor options the MDR will run well. Desert Tech is offering this 2019 6 position gas valve to current MDR owners at no cost for the part, just shipping and handling. Simply fill out the form below with the serial number for the corresponding MDR, and the same info provided for the warranty registration.

    This offer is only available for MDR owners. Limit one per MDR Serial Number. MDR owner is responsible to pay $14.99 for shipping and handling. This offer is available until 8/31/2019.

    The part removal and installation is user servicable and will not void warranty coverage. Complete instructions are included with the part as well as available online.

    If you are an MDR owner, let us know in the comments section if you had issues with the extractor or the gas valve.

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