Violent Little Machine Shop – Trigger Necklaces and Key Chains

    The ever lasting question about which trigger is the best just got even more complex.

    Violent Little Machine Shop has the perfect present for yourself, your girlfriend or wife. Or vice-versa, the perfect gift for your soon-to-be wife to get for you!

    Violent Little machine’s description:

    The perfect piece of tactical jewelry. The trigger necklace is modeled from that of an M4/AR-15 and is a reminder you can wear on your neck to pull the trigger on life, not to sit on the sidelines, and to just make it happen. Send it. And triggers are awesome.

    • Triggers are made of steel, black oxide plated steel, 24k Gold Plated, White Bronze, and Bronze.
    • Comes with 37″ inches of deerskin leather cord.
    • Made in the USA.

    The price is $19.95.

    We don’t know anything about if it’s MIL Spec or what kind of trigger pull (it looks light to me) it has.


    There is also a keychain version. Gold Trigger!

    Trigger keychain by Violent Little is modeled from that of an M4 / AR-15. We took our classic trigger necklace trigger, slapped a steel cable on it and called it “GOLD”. Product innovation at its finest. Comes with a heavy duty steel cable to secure all of your keys. We made these triggers to always serve as a reminder to pull the trigger on life and NOT to sit on the sidelines.

    • Available in black oxide plated steel, 24k Gold Plated, White Bronze, and Bronze.
    • Includes heavy-duty braided steel cable.
    • Made in the USA.
    • $1.00 of every order is donated directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation.


    If you don’t like these kind of triggers, they have lots of morale patches that should interest our readers.

    For instance Peace Through Superior Firepower,  “You’re Welcome For My Service” and Good. Bad. I’m The Guy With The Gun.

    When TFB covered the Benchmade SOCP Spear-Point dagger there were a few products from Violent Little hiding in the open. Can you spot them?

    Worth mentioning is also the Roof Korean Sticker.

    The Korean shop owners during the LA riots (aka the Roof Koreans) are a prime example of why the 2nd Amendment is so important. They stood their ground in the face of looting and riots and risked their lives to protect the community.

    Their 300 BLK Magazine Stencil could be quite helpful for certain owners. If $9.99 and some spray paint can save one ka-boom it is totally worth it.

    Violent Little Machine Shop can be found here:

    Eric B

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