POTD: SA-80 in the Falklands Onion Ranges

    The Picture Of The Day takes us to The Falklands, and the infamous Onion Ranges a vast swathe of land which is used for training by the Army. It is located on a remote part of the East Falkland island.

    It could be a coincidence that the pictures were taken on a cloudy day, but it looks to me like a pretty windy place, where it could rain a lot for long periods of time.

    Pictured are soldiers from The Household Division operating their SA-80‘s during a live fire exercise, training thousands of miles from home.


    From the caption:

    Onion Range is regarded as one of the best live firing ranges used by the British Army. It is large enough to allow a platoon of soldiers (around 30 men) to conduct mock attacks using automatic fire, grenades and anti-tank missiles.

    One of the toughest field exercises is the live firing that takes place at the top of Onion Range; named because the journey up there alone is enough to make your eyes water.

    The soldiers set up camp on the exposed hillside, often for several weeks at a time, and the training takes place in a simulated live fire battlefield environment.

    All pictures provided by the U.K. Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence photographers (Defence Imagery).