NEW Savage Arms MSR-15 Recon LRP Looks to Lob some Long-Range Accuracy

    recon lrp

    The Savage Arms MSR-15 Recon was one of the original, staple models they introduced when they first got into the game of modern sporting rifles, or Modern Savage Rifles (MSR). As more and more people want to test their long-range prowess and see how far they can truly engage a target, companies like Savage Arms get requests for more accurate MSR platforms. To give the people what they want, they have now introduced the MSR-15 Recon LRP. A long-range, precision version of their original MSR-15 Recon in cartridges that can truly fly. The specifications for this new rifle can be read below as presented by Savage Arms:

    • Melonite QPQ 18” Barrel
    • Adjustable Gas Block (22 Nosler & .224 Valkyrie ONLY)
    • Custom-Forged Lower Receiver
    • Magpul CTR buttstock
    • Tunable Muzzle Brake
    • Two-Stage Trigger
    • Mid-Length Gas System
    • Free-Float M-LOK Handguard
    • Hogue Pistol Grip

    recon lrp

    As far as AR-15s go, this one is pretty simple and straight-forward. There is no skull ‘n bones Cerakote or crazy contraptions hanging off of it. You just get all of the essential components that should assist a shooter in connecting on a long-range shot. Savage Arms confidently elaborates about some of the specs surrounding the NEW Savage Arms MSR-15 Recon LRP:

    Savage has added an adjustable gas block and longer barrel to stretch the out-of-the-box performance of its MSR 15 Recon platform even further…

    The Recon LRP features an 18-inch barrel to optimize velocities and accuracy, and its gas block can be customized to specific ammunition for the best possible cycling. Like the original MSR 15 Recon, it comes standard with upgrades such as a two-stage trigger, free-float handguard and Savage barrel.

    Its Melonite QPQ finish ensure the most consistent, accurate performance in any conditions, while the custom-forged lower receiver and Hogue pistol grip impart a look that stands out from the crowd.

    This rifle oddly enough is not offered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem, but a few other long-range cartridges that are growing in popularity in the MSR platform. All of them will have an 18″ barrel and identical MSRPs. The three calibers consumers can pick from can be read below:

    • .224 Valkyrie 18” Barrel | 22931 | MSRP $1,249
    • 22 Nosler 18” Barrel | 22922 | MSRP $1,249
    • 6.8 Rem Special 18” Barrel | 22932 | MSRP $1,249

    So while this MSR does not re-invent the wheel, what do you think? Is Savage Arms moving in the right direction by introducing this type of variation of the MSR-15 Recon? Is this something that you would buy? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    recon lrp

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