AK Thumb Grip – A Way to Improve Featureless AK Grips

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    For those of you who have to have featureless grips on your AKs, the company called AK Thumb Grips has developed quite an interesting product that allows having a better purchase on the finned grip. This little device may also be useful for those who have a habit of placing their thumbs along the index finger (not wrapping it around the grip).

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    Let’s first see how the company describes this product:

    Get a grip on that AK

    High Quality AK thumb grips for the California featureless AK. This thumb grip was designed to help you safely control your California featureless AK type rifle. It allows improved control during mag changes, operating the safety lever, using the charging handle, shouldering of the rifle, running drills during competitive matches, kneeling or going prone position. Its made of steel for strength, finished in black to blend in with the rifle, and has rubber coated thumb for grip (With padding under rubber). Made in the USA

    Try one its a night and day difference vs no thumb grip!

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    As you can see in the images, the AK Thumb Grip is sandwiched between the receiver and pistol grip. Some versions also double as a sling loop that protrudes from the opposite side of the thumb rest.

    The installation is really straightforward. All you need is to disassemble the grip, place the thumb grip plate on the receiver and install the pistol grip back. Here is a video showing the installation process.

    As mentioned in the video, the AK Thumb Grip is also reversible for most of the AKs. So if you are left-handed, you can flip it and have the thumb rest on the left side. It is not the case for milled and Yugo AKs: you’ll need to choose a left or right-hand thumb grip for these guns. There is a compatibility chart on the company’s website that will allow you to choose the proper thumb grip.

    Whether you opt for a version with or without a sling loop and also regardless of the AK rifle you are shopping for, the AK Thumb Grip will cost you the same amount of money – $19.99.

    Images fromĀ www.akthumbgrips.com

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