Rock River Arms Begin Shipping BT-9 9mm Series

    7 INCH PISTOL WITH SBA3 ARM BRACE BT-9 9X19MM (Rock River Arms)

    Colona, Illinois-based Rock River Arms have begun shipping their new series of AR pistol calibre carbines. The Rock River Arms BT-9 comes in three configurations; two pistols with 7 inch and 10.5 inch barrels and a rifle with a 16 inch barrel. Yes, they take Glock mags.

    10.5 INCH PISTOL WITH SBA3 ARM BRACE BT-9 9X19MM (Rock River Arms)

    Here’s what Rock River Arms’ have to say about the BT-9s:

    Rock River Arms, one of the industry’s most respected names in Modern Sporting Rifles and pistols, is now shipping a new series of semi-autos chambered in 9x19mm. Designed to work with GLOCK® style magazines for optimal cross-compatibility with GLOCK back-up carry pistols, the BT-9 series takes shooting fun and personal defense systems to new levels.

    The BT-9 models are based on RRA’s billet aluminum lower receiver with a GLOCK-compatible flared magazine well. Integral to the lower receiver is a unique winter-style trigger guard that offers comfortable room for the trigger finger when wearing tactical or cold-weather gloves. Also, a common feature to all BT-9 models is RRA’s latest extruded aluminum upper receiver. The pistols are standard with RRA Lightweight Free-Float M-LOK-compatible handguards.

    R9 COMPETITION BT-9 9X19MM (Rock River Arms)

    Here are the specifications for the three CONFIGURATIONS:

    BT92133 Pistol – Featuring a 7-inch moly barrel with 1/2-36 threads, the BT92133 pistol incorporates the SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace (with 5-position LOP adjustment) plus RRA’s overmolded A2 pistol grip and two-stage trigger for an ultra-compact and highly portable AR-platform 9mm pistol ideally suited as a home- or personal-defense firearm. MSRP: $1,250.00

    BT92142 Pistol – The BT92142 pistol is built to the same configuration as the BT92133, but with a chrome-lined 10.5-inch barrel for added durability and longer-range accuracy plus a 7.25-inch Lightweight Free-Float handguard. MSRP: $1,285.00

    BT91700 Carbine Rifle – Providing maximum precision shooting in the 9mm chamber is the BT91700 carbine. This rifle includes a two-stage trigger, a 16-inch chrome moly barrel and RRAGE 3G handguard. It also comes standard with RRA’s 6-position Operator CAR buttstock and a Hogue overmolded pistol grip. MSRP: $1,540.00

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