SIG SAUER’s Academy Lists New Concealed Carry Course For Women

    Sig Academy, Women's Concealed Carry

    Image from Sig Sauer

    SIG Sauer Academy has announced a new Concealed Carry course specifically built for women.  The course was developed and is instructed by experienced women.  The Academy concealed carry courses currently listed on the schedule are April 18-19, August 22-23, and November 15-16.  The courses will be held in Epping, New Hampshire.

    The Academy had this to say about the Women’s Concealed Carry course:

    This unique curriculum was written and designed by female instructors whom have carried firearms for years as law enforcement officers, and everyday civilians.  This course will cover all the objectives for a concealed carry lifestyle for women, from choosing the right firearm for your everyday activities, to clothing selection based on your body mechanics.  Led by a female instructor, students will learn how to properly present and recover from concealment, utilize cover, and master scenarios in which defensive tactics from concealment are required for survival.

    This class offers students the opportunity to test a variety of concealed carry firearms, including the award-winning SIG SAUER P365 high-capacity, micro compact pistol, to understand the nuances of each carry option, and find the most comfortable fit.

    SIG does state that this is not an entry-level course and that students need to have completed the Handgun 103 or equivalent course.  The following is what can be expected from the course:

    Course Outline 
    • Demonstrate firearms safety and how it applies to concealed carry
    • Demonstrate all previous skills learned and introduce new skills needed for defensive situations with a handgun in a deadly force encounter
    • Demonstrate safety practices and concerns while carrying concealed
    • Choose the proper concealed carry firearm
    • Select the proper concealed carry support equipment
    • Demonstrate presentation of the firearm from concealed carry posture
    • Demonstrate presentation and recovery from concealed carry holster
    • Demonstrate one handed shooting from concealment
    • Demonstrate how to identify and use cover and concealment
    • Demonstrate knowledge of alternative carrying techniques

    You can visit the Women’s Concealed Carry course here to find out more and sign up if this is something that interests you.  The cost of the course is $500.  Are you or any female friends, family or significant others possibly interested in this course?


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