Hornady Receives Patents For RFID RAPiD® Gun Safes

    Hornady's RFID safes

    Image from Hornady.com

    Hornady has been making Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) firearm safes for the last six years under the RAPiD Safe line.  Hornady has just secured two patents relating to that RFID technology.  That line of safes allows users to open the safe with the right key card, key fob, or wristband.  Simply waving the card or wristband over the safe opens it and allows full access to the firearm within.

    The first patent, 9,530,266 can be viewed here.  It describes the merits of a handgun safe that doesn’t require the owner to manually manipulate the safe, thus saving time when it’s of the essence.  The photo below is a screen capture from that patent.  It shows the mechanics of one of their early safes used to securely hold a handgun that is held in place by friction between two pads. When the lid of the safe opens, the part securing the handgun moves out from the bottom of the main compartment, making the draw unhindered. TFB covered this model in 2014.

    Hornady's RFID patentsHornady stated that the second patent, No. 10233687 (information here) strengthens the company’s claim on the first patent. The company president, Steve Hornady was quoted as saying:

    The RFID method allows for the fastest access to a safely locked and stored firearm,” Delattre said. “Our Hornady Security RFID products are not only California DOJ (Department of Justice) certified; they are ASTM certified — a very challenging certification to meet!

    Hornady® is known around the world for innovation, and these patents confirm that, but we want to be known just as far and wide for safety — providing safe and secure firearms storage devices.

    You can find more information about Hornady’s RAPiD® Safe system for handguns, rifles and shotguns at their website.  Are there any of our readers that use Hornady’s RFID safes for your firearms?  Have you been happy with the performance?



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