YHM Announces New Premiere Rifle Subdivision Called Graham Brothers Rifleworks

    Graham Brothers Rifleworks

    Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) has published a press release announcing the establishment of their new premiere bolt action rifle subdivision called Graham Brothers Rifleworks. Under this brand, the company will be selling their MARC chassis and other accessories related to long range shooting.

    YHM Announces New Premiere Rifle Subdivision Called Graham Brothers Rifleworks (3)

    YHM/GBR MARC chassis

    Here is an excerpt from the press release describing the reasons for launching this new brand:

    Within the firearms industry, the name Yankee Hill Machine® is almost unavoidable
    when it comes to quality, affordable, American made modern sporting rifles,
    components and accessories. For over 65 years YHM® has proven itself as one of the
    leading developers of suppressor technology and MSR accessories that will stand
    the test of time without breaking the bank. Now, having established themselves in
    that market, YHM is branching out with a new division, one that focuses on a premiere product lineand a particular customer.

    Enter Graham Brothers Rifleworks®, the premiere product line for the precision marksman. This new brand will focus on top-of-the-line accesories and equipment designed for competition and long distance shooting, primarily for bolt action rifles. The MARC™ Sport chassis system is the brand’s intial release. When developing this new superior chassis system, not only were accuracy and weight considered but ergonomics, durability, adaptability, and comfort were as well. Graham Brothers is currently in development of both supporting and stand-alone products for the precision shooting
    sports. With the experience learned through the success of YHM, Graham Brothers Rifleworks has established itself as a premiere choice for the precision marksman.

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    If you visit the Graham Brothers Rifleworks website (www.gbrifleworks.com), you’ll see that the MARC chassis and bolt action rifle accessories are already listed there. Introduced at SHOT 2019, The MARC (Modular Aluminum Rifle Chassis) chassis is made for the Remington and Savage footprint actions – both short and long. These chassis are compatible with AR-15 receiver extensions, stocks and pistol grips. They are fed from AICS pattern magazines. The MSRP of MARC chassis (without the handguard) is $499. The price is identical for both action types and lengths.

    Images from www.gbrifleworks.com

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