Will Petty’s Vehicle CQB Class- Great Tool or Tactical Hype?


    In the last few years, there has been a massive increase in vehicle-based shootings. These shootings include police attacks, where officers are ambushed in their cruisers. Let’s be honest though getting into a gunfight at all is a bad day, and getting in a gunfight while in a vehicle just plain sucks.

    The Overall VCQB Class

    I had the opportunity to check out one of Will Petty’s Vehicle CQB classes and it was easily one of the best classes I have taken. In the concealed carry market, there are a ton of different classes available for the everyday shooter. Vehicle-based training is not as common as other classes on the market today. The course covered shooting from cover and shooting under pressure as well as malfunction work. The second day, students will work on various medical exercises as well so it’s a very balanced course with a number of different elements brought together for a full encompassing learning experience. If you are looking for a high intensity but enjoyable class, I would say definitely check out one of Petty’s classes, but be warned this is an advanced course and beginner shooters may struggle or even be asked to leave if they unsafe with their firearm.

    The Class Dynamic

    Will Petty has a great sense of humor which keeps the class dynamic fun while making sure the tone is serious. It was one of the more demanding classes in terms of skill I have taken so far. It pushed me to my failure point. Petty then broke down my failure and focus on fixing the issue. I was 1 of 4 people non-LEO or Military in the class of 19. There were law enforcement agencies from around the country, as well as various federal agencies attending. I was impressed by how it was mainly LEO and federal agents learning life-saving skills. 

    Not A Beginner Class

    I will tell you now, this class is not for beginner shooters. Will sets a very serious tone at the beginning of the class with a basic stance drill to gauge each student’s ability. After that, he will break down the science behind vehicle-based cover to explain why it works. The whole experience was eye-opening, to say the least. I thought the amount of cover a vehicle could provide was relatively small at the beginning. By the end of the course, I had a much better understanding of what was considered cover on a vehicle. Petty also does a really nice job explaining how bullets will react to different surfaces on a vehicle.

    Out of the training courses I have taken, Will Petty’s Vehicle CQB class was one of the most applicable classes for shooters on the market today. It was less about shooting and more about science and problem solving over everything else. Petty does an amazing job breaking down concepts and methods so people will understand exactly what they should be doing. The class is tailored more for Law Enforcement and Military but there is plenty of application for civilians as well. Out of all the courses on the market, I would say Petty’s Vehicle CQB class is one of the most applicable and useful for civilians who conceal carry. Many classes teach about cover and firearm mechanics when in a situation but this class brings everything together. Petty shows why it’s important to practice for real life rather than what’s popular. 

    Overall Thoughts 

    In short, This was one of the most beneficial classes I have taken in terms of training for concealed carry. The course can be used by everyone taking the class and makes you work on a variety of skills rather than just working on a single skill or technique. If you guys have any questions or comments please feel free to message me or leave a comment below. As always stay safe out there!

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