Pack-Able, Plinking: NEW Savage Arms Model 64 Takedown .22 Long Rifle

    model 64

    Savage Arms has introduced a NEW Takedown version of their Model 64 .22 Long Rifle that has a phenomenal price-point. At a full retail, MSRP of $249 there is nothing that can really compete with it in regards to takedown, rimfire rifles. So whether it’s journeying to the range with your kids or wilderness hikes by yourself, this little pack-able rifle could make for a great companion.

    For those who are familiar with the Savage Arms Model 64, it is a no-frills .22 Long Rifle that flat out works. You will not see it with M-LOK or a Cerakote finish or some over-engineered action that came from NASA. It is a simple plinker that continually goes BANG! Some of the simple specifications for the NEW Savage Arms Model 64 Takedown in .22 Long Rifle can be read below as presented by Savage:

    • Reliable, Semi-Automatic Takedown .22 Long Rifle
    • 16 ½” Matte Black Carbon Steel Barrel
    • Barrel Nut allows Easy Disassembly
    • Includes Uncle Mike’s Bug-Out Bag
    • 10-Round Detachable Box Magazine
    • Black Matte Synthetic Stock
    • Drilled & Tapped Receiver for Scope Mounts
    • Available in Right- & Left-Hand Models

    model 64

    The takedown feature of this rifle many of us will be familiar with. It has a simple threaded barrel nut like the ol’ AR7 survival rifles that Charter Arms formerly made and Henry Repeating Arms still manufactures today. Simply thread the barrel on or off and you are good to go! Keeping in line with the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simply Sally), they did not re-invent the wheel because they did not have to.

    model 64

    This rifle takes normal Savage Arms Model 64 magazines (nothing new; if you have mags from other 64s, you are good to go). It is also being offered in a Right- or Left-Hand version which should make a lot of people happy. Those associated price-points and order numbers can be read below:

    • Model 64 Takedown Right-Hand | 16 ½” Barrel | SKU 40207 | MSRP $249
    • Model 64 Takedown Left-Hand | 16 ½” Barrel | SKU 40210 | MSRP $249

    For those of us who enjoy a good rimfire, what do you think of this one? Is this something that you would make the small investment in and tote around the woods? Do you already own a 64 and could share magazines between the two? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate the feedback.

    model 64

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