Viridian Introduces E Series Laser Sight for Mossberg MC1sc


    Following the launch of Mossberg’s first pistol in over 100 years at this year’s SHOT Show, Minnesota-based Viridian Weapon Technologies have announced the addition of a laser sight for the Mossberg MC1sc to their E Series range of lasers.

    Viridian’s E Series laser for Mossberg SC1 (Viridian)

    Here’s Viridian’s press release on the latest addition to their new E Series

    Viridian Weapon Technologies is now shipping the E Series red laser sight for the Mossberg MC1sc pistol. Designed to fit the new pistol perfectly without interfering with concealability, the E Series laser can be purchased as an inline package (firearm plus laser sight) from Mossberg or as an accessory from Viridian.

    “We continue to partner with major firearms manufacturers like Mossberg to give customers premium accessories for concealed carry and personal defense,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “The new E Series red laser for the MC1sc attaches to the new Mossberg pistol seamlessly, allowing users to optimize rapid target acquisition for personal defense. It’s an invaluable accessory for the concealed carry setup.”

    The Viridian E Series laser sight is essential gear for everyday carry. Designed specifically for the conceal and carry owner who demands the most powerful red laser sight allowed by the U.S. government, it delivers rapid target acquisition when it’s needed most—at an affordable price point.

    The Mossberg MC1sc subcompact pistol is a new 9mm handgun for concealed carry. Built on a polymer frame with stainless-steel slide, it features the same level of quality and performance that Mossberg has staked its reputation on for decades. When paired with the Viridian E Series red laser sight, the MC1sc gives Mossberg customers a reliable handgun option for personal protection.

    Viridian’s E Series laser for Mossberg SC1 (Viridian)

    MSRP for the new laser is $132.00. Find out more at

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