[Big 3 East] PSA AK-V: A 9mm AK That Works

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Another regular at Big 3 East is Palmetto State Armory. This year they brought out their 9mm AK-V. I was intrigued by the 9mm AK ever since it was announced last year. However there were some issues right out the gate. Military Arms Channel and PewPewTactical had issues with the ones they received. To be honest I do not follow them nor the reported issues with the AK-V and only heard about them after Big 3 East. The AK-V that PSA brought out ran flawlessly.

One of the things PSA did with the AK-V was to choose a magazine that is inexpensive and reliable. They went with the CZ Evo Scorpion magazine. Before you say “well their feed lips crack!!!” that has not been an issue since the first year the Evo Scorpion came out. But if all polymer magazines concern you, know that PSA is having their own magazines made with steel feed lips. They hold 35 rounds of 9mm and will retail for $19.99. Also Magpul has thrown their hat in the Evo Scorpion ring with their magazine. It should be compatible with the AK-V.

My only gripe about these magazine is that they do not have any witness holes like the Magpul Evo mags.

Shooting the AK-V was extremely pleasant. PSA left the AK-V bare bones just like how it will come if you buy one. While a red dot would be easier it was not necessary. The recoil was low and it was effortless to keep the iron sights on a IPSC steel target at 50 yards. I was able to manage double taps on 50 yard steel without much effort.

Here, I tried to film POV with the SiOnyx Aurora but the iron sights are just too low.

The last round bolt hold open is a nice feature not normally found in AK pattern firearms. Since it uses CZ Evo style magazines, it also uses a CZ Evo styled magazine release. So while you cannot rock the fast mag change by hitting the mag release with your new mag, you do have to press the mag release with your support thumb to drop the magazine. I talked to Kris Vermillion of PSA and unfortunately while the AK-V does use CZ Evo magazines, it does not use a CZ Evo mag release. It is a proprietary mag release for the AK-V. I hope the aftermarket community can figure out an index finger mag release or a thumb mag release like the one by Dissident Arms.

The PSA AK-V will come from factory with one of their 35rd magazines, Magpul handguard, and the SB Tactical SBA3 brace. All for just $729.99!!

At Big 3 East the PSA AK-V shot 3,000 rounds of 9mm without any issues. Click here to read more about that on Palmetto State Armory’s website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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