TangoDown Magazine Floorplate Removal Tool for Glock

    I am happy that someone finally developed this product, and I am surprised it wasn’t Glock themselves that did it.

    On the other hand it is great that smaller companies can see the need for new innovations, find a solution, prototype and develop it and start the production.

    The price is only $9.95, so it’s something I would easily buy if I find it in a webshop or when visiting a gunsmith.

    They named it: GFRT-01


    We have all been there…
    Frustrated with removing the floorplates from our favorite GLOCK.

    TangoDown is excited to offer you a tool to reduce the frustration while making floorplate removal quick and easy!

    The tool works on GEN1 – GEN5 mags
    For $9.95 you can set up your tool box and/or range bag to make magazine maintenance a breeze!

    TangoDown Magazine Floorplate Removal Tool for Glock


    Glock® factory magazines are pretty much the Gold Standard for strength and reliability. They are proven through decades of serious abuse by Law Enforcement and Military units, and contribute to Glock®’s legendary reputation for fail-safe function.

    However, they are not maintenance-free. Extreme environmental conditions such as mud, dust and excessive carbon from suppressor use, can affect the overall performance of the pistol. To keep your magazines functioning as they should in these extremes, they require periodic inspection and cleaning.

    But Glock® floorplate removal can be difficult at best, without the proper tool. Our GFRT-01 makes that job easy! Designed to remove floorplates of all Gen 1 through Gen 5 OE magazines, the GFRT-01 uses just the right amount of leverage to draw the floorplate off the magazine body without damage. Injection molded of tough Nylon, keep a few around- in your toolbox, range bag or pistol case.

    Please note that this product will NOT work on Glock® G42/43 OE finger Rest -style floorplates.

    You can find the TangoDown Florplate Removal Tool here. Does it take Glock magazines? You bet!

    For the record I discovered that Truglo have a similar product, but at almost 2.5 times the price.

    Eric B

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