POTD: Where Did All of the Bumpstocks Evaporate to?…


    Many states across the United States are not only banning bumpstocks, but they are calling for the destruction and forfeiture of the products. This flatly sucks for law-abiding gun owners, but the amusing part is many states who have called for bumpstocks to be surrendered have seen none turned in… literally… not a single one…

    So if any given state has thousands and thousands of these products potentially in its borders, where did they all go?… “Summer boating accident,” right?… That is the normal social media response that has generated memes galore and lots of hilarity. One Instagram user happens to have experienced something else with his bumpstocks though. An individual under the Instagram handle of @drewhopkins posted a picture back on December 22nd, 2018 that we just recently came across where his stock disintegrated or evaporated into thin air! The horror!


    Evaporating Bumpstocks!?! [Photo Credit: Drew Hopkins of IG @drewhopkins]

    Drew Hopkins who isĀ just a normal dude that enjoys shooting guns and shooting videos as his Instagram states, had this caption to share with the above photo:

    AND SNAP – just like that half a million peaceful citizens who mind their own business are turned into enemies of the state, subject to felony prosecution…

    Drew actually had quite a bit more to say than that small quote, but it dives into pretty heavy politics and remaining true to our mantra of “Firearms, Not Politics” we will just leave it at that. So as far as clever reasons as to where somebody’s bumpstocks may have gone when people begin to tell us to surrender them, this evaporating one from Drew is pretty funny! So what do you think? Would your go-to be a “boating accident” or “they got sucked into the Matrix?” Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always enjoy the banter and appreciate your feedback.