How Often Should You Clean Your Carry Gun?

    Out of all the topics to discuss about the gun industry, I don’t see many people talking about the maintenance of their firearms over time. Now don’t get me wrong, some shooters go out every weekend and put a ton of rounds down range each year. Those guys typically keep their guns maintained out of necessity, so they don’t have to deal with malfunctions. I’m writing to the people who conceal carry but don’t always have time to hit the range as much as they’d like, but still carry daily. This happens a lot and it’s not a bad thing, but firearm maintenance is even more important for people who carry daily but can’t go to the range as often as possible. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be the guy who’s gun looks like the lint trap of a dryer in the rundown part of town.

    Carrying inside the waistband or close to the body will eventually make your gun full of lint and material that collects overtime in the gun. If someone carries a gun concealed for 3-6 months without cleaning it, usually the gun is filled with grime inside the gun and magwell. I think it’s always a good idea to try and clean your gun at least every 3 months to check your carry ammo and just clean out the debris that collects inside the firearm. I am typically one of the weirdos that enjoy cleaning my guns. It is an excuse to hide from my wife and I think it’s not only relaxing but gives me the added confidence the firearm will work as it’s intended.

    It’s always good to examine your carry ammo as well because the ammo is affected by inserting and releasing the magazine over and over. I say you should change out or shoot up your carry ammo every six months or at the very least once every year. Its something that’s relatively cheap to do, but gives the person concealed carrying a boost of confidence in their firearm. Doing regular maintenance to your firearm is an easy way to ensure it will be ready to go if a situation ever presents itself where you need to defend yourself. If you guys have questions or comments feel free to leave them below and stay safe out there.

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