[Big 3 East 2019] Hands On The Inland Mfg M30-IMP & HiPoint Carbine Threaded Barrels!!

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Inland Mfg has been a regular at Big 3 East. This year they brought out something new, the M30-IMP. The Inland Manufacturing Patrol Pistol is a 7.5″ barreled pistol variant of the M30-C carbine.

The M30-IMP reminds me of the modified Beretta in Robocop. The M30-IMP is using a modified Sage International EBR chassis. The IMP still uses M30 carbine magazines but with the EBR chassis uses AR-15 style pistol grips. The IMP comes tubeless but you can attach a tube to add a pistol brace or stock if you SBR it.

Shooting the M30-IMP was really easy, almost effortless. The recoil spring is very light making it easy to charge the IMP with a single finger.

There was an issue with the IMP. On occasion, the firing pin would have light primer strikes. Other times it worked flawlessly. They were using Armscor 30 Carbine ammo.

They brought out a regular M1 Carbine and while I have never really given an M1 carbine the time of day before, it is a fun gun to shoot.

Hi-Point Carbines now with threaded barrels! Hi-Point’s modernization was first seen in their 1095 10mm carbine. These were the first carbines to have factory threaded barrels. When the 1095 first came out, David Kiwacka of MKS Supply said they would eventually thread all the carbines. The threaded carbines were actually at SHOT Show 2019 but they were overshadowed by Hi-Point’s new pistol design. As of right now, 9mm and .45acp carbines with threaded barrels are currently shipping.

9mm Carbine with factory threaded barrel

Silencer Co was supposed to be in attendance but they were a no show. So we were unable to hear what a suppressed 9mm or .45acp carbine sounded like.

The M30-IMP is currently available for $1,439 on Inland Depot.

Caliber: .30 carbine

Magazine capacity: 10

Barrel length: 7.5”

Total length: 16” without armbrace

Barrel groove: 4

Twist rate: 1 x 20”

Weight: 4.5. lb

The threaded Hi-Point Carbines are available now so contact your local gun store to order them if you want to suppress a Hi-Point Carbine.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Cymond Cymond on Apr 06, 2019

    All the talk here is about the Imp, but I'm interested in a threaded 9mm Hi-Point. I literally just got my 9mm Form 4 approved a few days ago and took it to the range today. A reliable & affordable 9mm host sounds pretty good, especially considering that HTA bullpup stock.

    On another note, does anyone have any ideas why a perfectly functional AR-9 might start going uncontrollable full-auto when suppressed? Maybe something about the increased blowback and bolt speed?

    Purely hypothetically, of course.

    ALG ACT trigger
    New Frontier Armory lower
    Ballistic Advantage barrel (4.5")
    Kaw Valley Precision bolt
    10 ounce buffer weight from KAK
    Extra heavy recoil spring

  • Dltaylor51 Dltaylor51 on Apr 09, 2019

    Ruger used to make the old 3 screw blackhawk in 30 carbine and as it turned out it was the most accurate revolver Ruger ever produced,it was built on the 44mag super blackhawk frame with the same 44 mag cylinder thats been fluted and 44 mag 7 1/2" barrel bored to .308 and they only came in the one barrel length and its called a Blackhawk.I bought one and was so impressed with the accuracy I ran right out and bought a second one and same thing one hole groups.These guns are incredibly strong so loading hot only makes them shoot more accurately BUT WEAR EAR PLUGS AND MUFFS because these things are loud like you wont believe.I love my Winchester produced carbine but when I want to shoot a long ways I grab my Blackhawk.They made them in the new model with the transfer bar and barrel warning but I have never shot one so I dont know how they are and they might be ok but personally I just cant get past the new models trigger pull so I only have threescrews.