Kral Arms VOLT-500 O&U Shotgun with Electric Trigger

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    At IWA 2019, the Turkish firearms manufacturing company Kral Arms has introduced a rather unique over and under shotgun called VOLT-500. What sets this shotgun apart is that it utilizes an electric trigger. The trigger is basically an electrical switch and the hammer is probably released from the sear via some sort of a solenoid mechanism built into the lock.

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    Apparently, the power source for this electric shotgun is located inside the stock. In the below-embedded image, you can see the charging socket as well as the on/off button near the toe of the stock. In the place of the tang safety, there is another switch which allows selecting the barrel that you want to shoot first. One full charge of the batteries (which takes 20 minutes) is reportedly enough to shoot 500 shells. The company calls this system “Electrical System” – pretty straightforward.

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    Other features of this shotgun are pretty standard for a modern shotgun. It is chambered for 3″ 12 gauge shells and comes with interchangeable choke tubes. The barrels are 28″ long and the overall length is 46.5″. The length of pull is 14.5″ and the shotgun weighs about 7 lbs (3.2 kilograms).

    Kral Arms VOLT-500 (1)

    Here is also a video published by a British YouTube channel called The Gun Shop telling about the VOLT-500 shotgun.

    Obviously, the advantage of such a system would be an incredibly smooth and light trigger. It probably feels like clicking a mouse. Basically, it is not a trigger in a normal understanding but an electrical switch. If they manage to make this system waterproof, which is a big concern in the field, then why not to have a shotgun with an electrical trigger? What do you think about the viability of this technology? Is it a gimmick or is this the future of trap shooting and waterfowling? Sound off in the comments section.

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