World Premiere Test: Steiner M7Xi IFS 4-28×56 ballistic sight

    TFB first reported about the new Steiner M7Xi IFS 4-28×56 – Intelligent Firing Solution about a year ago.

    The specifications of the new Steiner MX7i IFS look very good on paper, and the limited look I had through the glass at last year’s EnforceTac in Germany didn’t stop the temptation to buy one.

    Below: The suppressor is an ASE Utra SL7i-BL suppressor and the system tests on a Javelin bipod. Lapua ammunition.

    It is now out for testing, and the long-range shooting experts at FinnAccuracy are the first to test it, at least officially.

    Below: Your head is going to be head-up when shooting, but I’m going to call this a head-up display anyway.

    According to their field testing, it turned out to be exactly what it promised to be.

    Most of this field-test is based on the video below, please make sure you watch it. But there is also the text below attached to it:

    Ballistic data, as well as scope adjustments, are visible for the shooter in the field of view.

    The Steiner scope has integrated sensors for all environmental variables including pitch and roll, these are automatically fed to integrated computer ballistic engine -> ballistic solution is constantly updated.

    IFS engine calculates everything live, it is not just a commonly used simple ballistic table with interpolated values for corrections.

    Video does not show additional scope menus for setting up scope- or phone application that is needed when ammunition + rifle data is transferred to scope.

    Both scope functions and phone apps are still under fine-tuning and may change slightly. Shortly said, user creates weapon + ammunition library and simply uploads it to scope via Bluetooth.

    After this, IFS works 100% independently- but user can still do some tweaking through scope menu. Ammunition can be switched in a second from IFS menu – scope takes also new (stored) zero into account and compensates it to turret settings automatically.

    Very neat feature with switch-calibers, or for users shooting OTM, AP or API ammunition with same rifle. Scope view visible elements and general layout can be customized with phone app- scope shows only what user wants to see. Scope provides almost all possible related information to user- as TOF to target and remaining bullet energy at set distance.

    As far as we know, IFS is the first military- spec ballistic scope with everything needed integrated onboard.

    Scope on video is not final production version, but is very close to it already. Commercial release will be “soon”.

    Note – 338 Lapua was shot with zero wind setting, against IFS ballistic recommendation. Impacts 1..2 clicks right.

    This is a pretty cool video, with a lot of vapor trail from the shots before they hit the steel.

    Thanks to FinnAccuracy for the test and review.

    The new Steiner is already in Finnaccuracy’s webshop, but the exact delivery time is uncertain at this time. The price is 4,995.00 €.

    You will find the Steiner M7Xi IFS 4-28×56 at Steiner’s homepage as well.

    Make sure you have a look at the Factory Visit at Steiner Optics Germany.


    Eric B

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