Hancock County Sheriff’s Department Selects the Glock 45

    Police officer with Glock 45 (Glock)

    The County sheriff’s department in Hancock, Maine are making the switch from SIG Sauer to Glock with the department-wide adoption of the Glock 45 in 9x19mm. It follows the recent news that New Hampshire’s Grafton County Sheriff’s Department also selected the new Gen 5 Glock 45 and Glock 17 as their new service pistols.

    Here’s Glock’s press release on the adoption:

    GLOCK, Inc. is excited to welcome Hancock County Sheriff’s Office to the GLOCK family.

    Hancock County Sheriff’s Department is located in Ellsworth, Maine and has responsibility for Acadia National Park. After testing and evaluation, they will be replacing their Sig Sauer duty pistols with the GLOCK 45. “We are excited to put the new pistols into service,” said Sheriff Scott Kane.

    “We take the safety of our deputies and the citizens we serve very seriously. We were seeking a duty weapon that could not be matched for reliability under the toughest conditions and we believe we have found that in the G45,” said Sheriff Scott Kane.

    The GLOCK 45 made its debut at The 2018 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in October 2018 as a new addition to the 9X19 family. The G45 incorporates elements of the 5th Generation of GLOCK pistols including a smoother trigger pull, an enhanced frame texture for sure handling, a reversible magazine catch, ambidextrous slide-stop lever, the Modular Backstrap System (MBS) for individual adjustability and the incredibly accurate, match-grade GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB). The G45 combines the fast handling of the GLOCK 19 compact-sized slide with the full-size frame as a compact Crossover.

    “We are excited to welcome Hancock County Sheriff’s Department to our growing GLOCK family,” said GLOCK, Inc. VP Josh Dorsey. “We are honored that they selected GLOCK as their trusted duty pistol and look forward to a long relationship of providing quality pistols and exceptional customer service to the department.”

    For additional information about the G45, visit www.us.glock.com

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