.243 And .30-06 Introduced To SIG SAUER’s Elite Hunting Ammo Line

    Sig Sauer Elite Hunting Copper

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    Sig Sauer has introduced two new offerings in their Elite Hunting Copper Game ammunition line.  The new 80 grain .243 Winchester and 150 grain .30-06 Springfield bullets are made of all copper.  This brings Sig’s Elite Hunting Copper line to seven different calibers, which also include .223 Rem, .300 BLK, 6.5 CM, .308 Win and .300 Win Mag. Sig Sauer describes their Hunting Copper line below:

    At SIG, we are committed to developing the highest quality, best on-target performing products across a broad spectrum of end-uses including hunting, match, range and carry ammo, plus component products.”

    SIG Elite Hunting cartridges use premium, high-quality powders & primers for minimum velocity variation and maximum bullet expansion. Perfected for easy feeding, with an optimized nose geometry and nickel-plated casings, Elite Hunting rounds deliver reliable performance and long-range accuracy.

    In Sig’s announcement of the all copper .243 Win round, they said it was an excellent option for use in hunting deer, antelope and coyotes. The muzzle velocity is listed at 3,425 fps with muzzle energy reaching 2,084 ft-lbs. It’s said to be listed on Sig’s store website, however I didn’t see it yet.

    Sig Sauer's Elite Hunting Copper

    Sig Sauer’s new .30-06 Sprg Elite Copper Hunting ammunition line.

    The new .30-06 Elite Hunting Copper Game offering is said to have a muzzle velocity of 2,920 fps with muzzle energy at 2,841 ft-lbs. It’s currently listed on Sig’s hunting ammo store for $45.95 for a box of 20 rounds.

    Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development of Sig Sauer Ammunition had the following to say about demand for this line of ammunition:

    SIG SAUER Elite Hunting ammunition is known for its long-range accuracy and effectiveness in the field and our customers – dealers and hunters alike – continue to ask for additional offerings in this line.

    Have any of you used Sig’s Elite Hunting Copper line in your hunting expeditions? Did you like the performance? Let us know which caliber(s) you’ve used and what types of animals you’ve harvested with them in the comments section. Is there a caliber you’d like to see that Sig hasn’t yet offered in their copper hunting selection?

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