GECO Unveils NEW Personal Defense Handgun Ammunition


    GECO has announced two new lines of handgun ammunition directed towards personal defense. These 2 NEW lines of ammo are dubbed Red Zone and Action Extreme. With each of them having their own specialty, GECO looks to cover all of a shooter’s needs with just these two new rounds. Let’s take a look at each and you can decide for yourself if this is something you would like to start using as well!

    GEco red zone personal defense 9mm – optimized for short barrels

    The secret sauce behind GECO’s Red Zone ammunition is that it is specifically engineered to be fired out of handguns with shorter barrels. This is great for two reasons. For one, most of us who carry a firearm have something small (its easier to carry). So it only makes sense ammunition companies begin to make ammunition specifically suited for that use. Secondly, since so few companies do make ammunition tailored for shorter barrels, this flavor could become popular if it’s as effective as they say it is.

    GECO RED ZONE 9mm is the ultimate personal defense cartridge. Featuring aggressive terminal performance and a very low risk of over penetration, RED ZONE ensures that each round delivers devastating expansion and on-point accuracy. Optimized for maximum performance when fired out of short-barreled 9mm pistols, RED ZONE is a superior option for concealed carry pistols and home defense firearms.


    GECO immediately touts this as the ultimate personal defense cartridge which are strong words with such stalwart rounds like the Federal Premium Hydrashok and others already in existence. The specifications for the Red Zone ammunition, as stated by GECO, can be read below:

    • Optimized for Short Barreled 9mm Pistols
    • Best Performance in a Velocity Range between 1,000 – 1,150 FPS
    • Delivers 12″ – 13″ of Penetration in Extreme Close-Range Engagements
    • Expansion of the Hollow-Point (HP) projectile averages 0.6″ w/ nearly 100% Weight Retention
    • 9mm 124 Grain JHP (Jacketed Hollow-Point) | 50 Rounds per Box | MSRP $14.55

    geco action extreme personal defense 9mm – optimized for all barrel lengths

    With the GECO Red Zone ammunition being optimized for shorter barrel lengths it only makes sense that their 2nd line of personal defense ammo covers everything else. The GECO Action Extreme series of personal defense ammunition is meant to be used for any length barrel you may have for a handgun as well as PCC rifles (pistol caliber carbines).

    GECO ACTION EXTREME is a 9mm projectile that delivers controlled expansion and excellent penetration. The terminal performance results in complete energy transfer and excellent stopping power. The ACTION EXTREME is also very versatile, and can be used with confidence in pistol caliber carbines, full size and even sub-compact pistols. The new ACTION EXTREME provides the confidence needed for personal protection.


    This ammunition, like GECO stated above, is meant to be versatile enough to work in nearly any firearm you could fire it out of. It also falls in line with the pricing of similar competing hollow-points (HP) as well. The short, but concise specifications for the Action Extreme can be read below as presented by GECO:

    • Optimized Load for Reliable Performance in all Barrel Lengths
    • Designed for Reliable Feeding out of Pistols & Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC)
    • Extremely Consistent Penetration & Expansion in Clear Ballistics Gelatin
    • 9mm 108 Grain ACTION EXTREME | 20 Rounds per Box | MSRP $19.74

    So between the Red Zone and the Action Extreme ammunition introduced, which one are you most interested in trying? If these new offerings do not necessarily trip your trigger, what is your favorite personal defense ammunition? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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